A different event

Information Online is the premiere event for information professionals in the Asia Pacific region and has a strong track record of providing an innovative and engaging program. In 2013, we’re taking it to a new level. New city, new committee and a refreshed vision.

With a balance of great content and opportunities to connect, Information Online 2013 will be a conference experience unlike any the information professions have seen before.

Our conference theme is Be different. Do different. And that’s the ethos that will underpin the whole event!

Information Online 2013 will be an opportunity to connect over common interests, challenge each other, and engage with some of the most creative and exciting thinkers and innovators from our industry and beyond.

Our vision for Information Online 2013 is to bring you an event that challenges, surprises and delights. This will be a conference you won’t forget.

In 2013, the Information Online Program Committee is working to bring you a very different event. Soon, we’ll be seeking proposals for a range of different types of sessions. Gone are the days of lengthy timelines between submission and conference. It’s time to pick up the pace!

Information Online 2013 will bring you a program packed with content that’s relevant, timely, and too hot to keep on the burner.

We’ll be calling for proposals, not abstracts. We’re changing up the program and there will be fewer slots for open for would-be presenters. Your first task will be to sell your idea in a proposal. Information Online 2013 will be a top quality program and the submission process will be competitive. But never fear! We’re going to offer you lots of tools to help you shape a fantastic proposal.

Think beyond a paper. Conferences are about the connections you make; the chance to be in the same space with people who share your interests or who might challenge your viewpoints. Forget about sitting and passively listening to presenters deliver a paper. Information Online 2013 will be about maximising engagement. We’ll be looking for proposals that shake things up and get people interacting in new and exciting ways. You could propose a workshop, a panel, a pecha kucha session, a colloquium… The session format is up to you. In fact, you don’t even have to propose yourself as a speaker – you could propose a debate (which you might be willing to chair), a panel that you’d like to sit on, or a workshop you’d like to attend. Choose between a 20 minute, 40 minute or 60 minute session.

Forget about peer review. We know that peer review for papers on innovative topics can strip out all the shininess because the timeline is too long. Information Online will have an editorial review process, not a peer review process, in the lead up to the conference. Submitters who want to pursue a peer reviewed paper are invited to use the conference as a space to get feedback for further development of the paper.

This means you can get more traction from your work. Come to Information Online. Do your thing. Then incorporate feedback, rework your material and submit it is elsewhere for publication as a full paper or journal article.

We know all of this will go some way to fixing some of the issues that marrying technology topics with a traditional conference model can cause. But we’ve got one more trick up our sleeves. We want the program to be relevant to you in February 2013, not at some point between now and then. To help us develop an up-to-the-minute program, we’re opening up a portion of the conference program to 10 minute talks that won’t be timetabled til right before the conference. You’ll get a chance to propose a 10 minute talk when you register for the conference and delegates will vote for what they want to hear in the lead up to the event.


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